Clackamas Dogs Foundation – what is our role?  

We are a not-for profit organization, chartered under IRS code 501(c) 3.  We are a stand-alone organization with tax-exempt status.  All contributions to CDF, either cash or in-kind, are tax deductible although you should always check with your tax adviser.

We are also registered as a not-for-profit corporation with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office.

We are not part of Clackamas County Government.  The eight member independent board of CDF makes all decisions with regard to our mission, funding and expenditures.

The board currently consists of county employees, local business people and current and former 43094volunteers at Clackamas County Dog Services (CCDS).

We work closely with CCDS staff.  We do not serve as a Board of Directors for CCDS or supervise any of its employees.

We achieve our mission by coordination and cooperation with CCDS.

We have adopted by-laws that guide our actions.

Board seats are open to all based on an application and review process.  New board members are nominated and elected by the board itself.

Our stated mission is the following: The mission of the Clackamas Dogs Foundation is to promote the health and well being of dogs and people through supporting the educational and public service activities and programs of Clackamas County Dog Services.

In short, the CDF supports the mission of Clackamas County Dog Services.  Our main focus is fund raising to support our mutual missions as well as outreach and marketing of dog services.  Since the inception of the foundation, it has funded many projects including but not limited to the following list:

  • Spay and neuter clinics43146
  • Low cost veterinarian care clinics
  • A “Don’t Forget, Buckle Your Pet” safety campaign
  • Outdoor shade structures needed by dog services
  • Emergency radios

Our meetings are held several times a year at times and dates the board sets.

The Board, at its August 2015 meeting decided to open our meetings to anyone interested in attending.  You are welcome to attend and observe our meeting.

We welcome ideas on fundraising and outreach.  You can contact Fundraising/Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Holcombe at CCDS or our chair at