Clackamas Dogs Foundation


The Clackamas Dogs Foundation provides support and assistance in order to advance dog welfare in Clackamas County.

Relying solely on donations, the Clackamas Dogs Foundation has become a vital resource for our community’s shelter. We are here to support Clackamas County dogs and their human families. We stand ready to help with resources for food, shelter, lost dogs and finding dogs new homes.  We proudly support the programs, projects and equipment purchases for Clackamas County Dog Services!

Some of our projects include:

Spay & Neuter Financial Assistance Program

This program allows Clackamas County residents who are on government assistance to have their dog altered, when they otherwise wouldn’t have the resources. This significantly reduces the risk of unwanted puppies in our community.  This program is administered by Clackamas County Dog Services.

Emergency Veterinary Care Fund

The Clackamas Dogs Foundation has partnered with Clackamas County Dog Services to provide an emergency vet care fund for dogs that come in needing extensive medical attention. The foundation has allocated $20,000 to this fund annually and has already helped multiple dogs with ailments such as broken bones to bladder stones.  This program is administered by Clackamas County Dog Services.

Foster, Training and Adoptability

Clackamas County Dog Services accepts all homeless and stray dogs in Clackamas County, meaning lots of dogs come in under-socialized and untrained. CDF has allotted funding for training resources to support Clackamas County Dog Services! This will be yet another option to help dogs learn better behaviors to increase their chances for adoption and finding new homes!  This program is administered by Clackamas County Dog Services.

Shelter Volunteers

Shelter volunteers help with reading to the dogs, housekeeping, potty-walking, dog training, events, fostering and administrative support. Truly a priceless resource for the shelter!  This program is administered by Clackamas County Dog Services.  CDF happily funds the annual Volunteer and Staff Appreciation Party for Clackamas County Dog Services.

How you can help….

There are numerous ways to help Clackamas Dogs Foundation!

  • Donate cash, unused vehicles, or items from the Clackamas County Dog Services wish list.
  • Volunteer for CDF or in the shelter.
  • Ask us to speak at your business or service organization.
  • Donate your vehicle!