New medical equipment purchased for Clackamas County Dog Services (CCDS)!

Since the programs at Clackamas County Dog Services (CCDS) have been on hold, we have not had to spend as much of the funds we normally use to support them…so, we were able to help them get much needed medical equipment to enhance their in-house Veterinary operations.

Here is the dental x-ray machine that was just installed! This will help to give stray and surrendered dogs, who are often in desperate need of dental cleanings, the care they need to get adopted more quickly. Proper dental care is very important (being able to do complete x-rays of the mouth is critical to proper care) for a healthy, happy dog and we are thrilled that we were able to help make this wish list item a reality for them this year!

We were able to get another piece of medical equipment for our friends as well! Rather than trying to explain how it works, here is a message from the CCDS in-house Veterinarian, Dr. Robert:

“Look at this beauty! It is the second recent addition we have been able to make through Clackamas Dogs Foundation’s support and reassignment of funds that had been set aside for programs that were not able to take place during the pandemic. The purchase of this Chemistry Analyzer will allow us to run on-point diagnostics for stray dogs and those being prepared for rescue and adoption. Previously, we had to send off our blood samples for an outside laboratory to run. This process could take 1-3 days (depending on if a weekend was involved) for results to come back to help us make treatment and medication decisions for the dogs in our care. Now, we can have a chemistry panel result within 20 minutes! Thank you again Clackamas Dogs Foundation for your support of the work that we are doing to better the lives of Clackamas County dogs!” –Melissa A. Robert, DVM

Stay tuned for more exciting news as we continue moving forward. Your donations make all of this possible! Thank you!