Accomplishments for the last fiscal year!

We thought we would share a few of the things we were able to do to help Clackamas County Dog Services (CCDS) during our last fiscal year and some of the things we were able to set up for this fiscal year!

2021-2022:  We purchased a dental x-ray machine and blood analyzer for their in-house clinic!  We received a grant from the Banfield Foundation to purchase a new surgical light for their in-house surgery suite!  And, we raised nearly $70,000 to put toward a mobile veterinary trailer for the shelter!  We will be continuing our fund raising efforts to make the trailer a reality this coming year!

2022-2033:  We added budget lines to help with additional support staff from the shelter (programmatic and administrative support), increased the amount we provide for the “reunite me” fund, and added a budget line for food and enrichment items to help the dogs in CCDS’s care!

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