Clackamas Dogs Foundation August Board Meeting Minutes


Clackamas Dogs Foundation

Board Meeting

Thursday, August 13, 2015 Minutes
Started at 12:00 Noon

Board Attendance: Tom, Jamie, Barbara, Al, Kathleen, Ken, Mike

Missing: Laurel and Gail

Staff Attendance:  Sarah, Tamara and Kristine.


  • Radios have been purchased for shelter staff. Field radios are still being worked on.
  • Three new sun shade shelters have been ordered.
  • Dog licenses numbers are up.
  • The Spay & Neuter Program has completed 24 spays/neuters and spent $2,642 of the $6,000 allocated
  • The foundation has just under $76,000 in Cash. Ongoing payments are for website, bookkeeper, and Spay & Neuter program.
    • Jamie will work to develop a Financial Forecast packet
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer dinner will be moved to the Spring to turn into an event with silent auction and admission price. Volunteers are free.
    • Ken can work to find donations
    • Sarah will work on planning and finding a location, setting a date, and advertising
  • Direct mail piece to send out for holiday donations.
    • Jamie to work on getting the direct mail piece donated
    • Sarah will begin to design piece and compile member data
  • Outreach/Marketing
  • We are currently sending a Dog of the Week to Mary Raethke to post at the end of the weekly commissioner meetings.
  • Dog Services will be at the Clackamas County Fair next week on Wednesday for boothing and Thursday with a pup to bring to the commissioner meeting. 2016 we would like our own booth for the week staffed with volunteers.
  • Clackamas Dogs Foundation will be at the Orange Max Line Opening on Sept. 12 11AM-6PM
    • Sarah and Jamie will attend the event – bring applications and donation bucket
  • Dog Services will be at the Clackamas Health and Safety Fair Sept. 19 10AM-2PM
    • Sarah and Tamara to attend – bring applications and donation bucket
  • Future items
  • Work on an annual report with more graphics and acknowledge donors
    • Sarah to work on design and Jamie to help with visually displaying financials (geo mapping, graphs)
    • The Board to develop strategic goals and a financial budget
  • Volunteers are able to attend Board Meetings and sit in the audience. Any questions about the meeting will be directed to Sarah afterwards. The Board does hold the right to meet in private as they see fit.
  • Next meeting is Oct. 12 at 9AM in Dog Services’ new conference room!

Adjourned at 1:05._large_full-01


Click the link to download download the full report

CDF 2012-2013 Annual Report : PDF  (Requires Adobe® Acrobat™ Click here to download)

CDF 2012-2013 Annual Report : MS Word