CDF October Board Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting
Monday, October 12, 2015
Board Attendance: Tom Feely, Jaime Diedrich, Barbara Cartmill, Al Bossen, Ken Markert and Mike Bezner.
Missing: Laurel Butman and Kathleen Rastetter. Both had prior engagements.
Staff Attendance:  Sarah Holcombe, Tamara Moxon and Kristine Wallace.

Tom called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.  Thanks were given to Tom, Sarah, Al and Tamara for help on the new training materials for volunteer orientation, housekeeping and potty walking.  It was a good team effort.  Tom also noted that he and Sarah had done two volunteer sessions since the last meeting.

Barb motioned to approve the previous board meeting minutes. Al seconded. Minutes approved.


  • Funded projects underway
    • Field radios still need to be programmed. Kristine is working with CCOM. The funds for these still needs to be transferred at the appropriate time.
    • Sun Shades are being ordered.
    • Spay & Neuter Program has about $1,000 left to distribute and has been well received by the community.
  • Distributed and reviewed the financial reports done by Jaime who is taking over the financial duties and training Sarah as well. Tom thanked her on behalf of the Board for doing this.
  • Our D&O insurance policy runs through Oct. 16, 2017. No need to re-up at this time.
  • Sarah explained a proposal to switch our bank account to Columbia Bank instead of Clackamas Federal Credit Union. Columbia Bank is more involved in the community.Barb moved that we remove Gail Mohrlang and Diana Hallmark from signature authority at Clackamas Federal Credit Union and then switch to Columbia Bank. Barb, Tom and Ken will be added as signers. Ken seconded. The motion passed.


  • Developed work groups for the spring event and requested each member reach out to a venue to donate space.
    • Donations Group – Ken and AlAl3
    • Promotions Group – Tamara and Sarah
    • Logistics Group – Jaime, Tom and Sarah
    • Sarah will develop a donation request letter.
  • Direct mailer needs to move quickly to meet our end of tax year donation period.
    • Sarah has pitched to PR agencies and will continue to pitch. If no one bites we will move on with the project ourselves.
    • Fish Marketing will be contacted for assistance.
    • Donation letters will be mailed to everyone with a dog license in Clackamas County.
  • The Portland Rose Photography fundraiser went well and will hopefully be available for another event.


  • Sarah will send out a template for Board Members to submit a “Board Member Bio” which will be posted on the CDF website.
  • Please send any community events you hear about to Sarah and she will work to get CDF booths set up.
  • Tom and Laurel will be helping the board develop a Strategic Plan for CDF. This will be a spring/summer project.
  • Board business cards were requested and it was agreed that Sarah will order them.

Board Action Items:

  • Assessment/Trainer Position
    • CCDS requested $10,000 from the Foundation to help fund a dog assessment/volunteer trainer position. The position will be for a limited term until permanent funding can be identified. Jaime moved approval. Al seconded.  The motion passed. Mike will send out the job description to board members.
  • Board vacancy
    • The Board requested we open recruitment for a new board member with a fundraising background. The final two applicants will have an interview with the Board. Barb motioned for approval. Jaime seconded. The motion passed. Sarah will write the description and post the position.
  • Laptop clean up
    • CDF staff requested at most $200 to clean up the CDF laptop and purchase needed protection software. Al moved approval. Jaime seconded. The motion passed. Sarah will have the laptop cleaned at Best Buy.
  • Donations made in memory of Gail Mohrlang
    • The Board requested that we use the $1,190 donated in memory of Gail to help fund the Spay & Neuter Program. Also, CCDS will name a kennel after Gail in honor of all her efforts on behalf of the dogs. Barb moved approval. Jaime seconded.  The motion passed.
  • Further fund Spay & Neuter Program
    • CDF staff requested further funding of $6,000 to continue the Spay & Neuter Program (in addition to the donations made in Gail’s memory). Ken moved approval. Al seconded. The motion passed.

Time and date of next meeting:

–      Sarah will send out a Doodle poll to find the best time and date for everyone.

A motion to adjourn was made by Jaime and seconded by Al.  The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 10:19 AM.