Emergency Vet Fund Saves Lives

As an open door shelter, Clackamas County Dog Services (CCDS) cares for every dog that comes to them. All too often these dogs arrive in rough shape. Our veterinary staff works hard to heal the dogs, however with limited resources and funds the shelter often has to turn to outside help. And that can get expensive.

In November of 2017, the Clackamas Dogs Foundation (CDF) established a $20,000 Emergency Vet Fund to help cover these costs, and in no time the shelter saw how valuable this fund would be for helping the dogs in their care.


Sam, a black Labrador retriever mix, was surrendered by his owner to the shelter. Sam was happy and active, but our veterinary staff could not diagnose why he kept urinating blood. Thanks to the Emergency Vet Fund, the shelter was able to send Sam to an outside clinic to get x-rays and found that he had two large bladder stones. That information saved Sam’s life. CCDS’s veterinarian was able to remove the bladder stones and send Sam on his way to a new home and a much more comfortable life.

Elvira is a white Pitbull mix puppy that came to the shelter as a stray in terrible shape. Thanks to CDF’s Emergency Vet Fund, the shelter sent her to the Northwest Specialty Vet Clinic to try to stabilize her condition, figure out what was wrong and treat her. It turned out that, in addition to all her other complications, Elvira was deaf. After her health stabilized, the shelter transferred her to the Deaf Dogs of Oregon Rescue.

Clackamas Dogs Foundation is now, more than ever, able to support the programs of Clackamas County Dog Services, and the Emergency Vet Fund is just one example.

In addition to the Emergency Vet Fund, CDF provides funds for development of a dog foster program, support of the CCDS volunteer program and a spay and neuter financial assistance program for the dogs of any Clackamas County residents who are on government assistance.

Together, CCDS and CDF are committed to keeping people and their pets together while advancing dog welfare in our community.

Elvira when she came to CCDS
Elvira in her new home!
Elvira in her new home!